Breakfast helps you maintain an ideal body weight

Your weight can go down if you do not have breakfast in the morning. Yes, this idea seems logical, because you effectively eliminate one meal out of your diet every day. Some studies even show that skipping breakfast can reduce overall caloric intake to 400 kcal per day. In the meantime, check out the Golden Corral Breakfast Hours for the best menu for breakfast.

However, the relationship between skipping breakfast and losing weight is not as simple as you might think. Reporting from Prevention, a study from Ohio State University shows you will indeed lose weight when skipping breakfast in the short term. Ironically, these few missing pounds are not derived from recalcitrant fatty deposits, but rather from muscles – which is an unhealthy weight-loss method

When your stomach does not process food for a long time, the body system will switch to protection mode and start storing as many calories as possible. When your metabolism slows down, the body’s system will prioritize the burning of glucose stored in muscles as a backup energy, effectively weakening your muscles.

Burning energy from muscle tissue – instead of fat – this is a factor that can make it easier for you to feel tired and lethargic throughout your morning activities, also messing with your mind.