Common Mistakes While Using Condoms

Not using a condom is the biggest mistake you can make. But even when acting with full responsibility and caution, accidents can happen. Condoms are damaged and torn, though rare, not impossible. You can buy condoms online by visiting our website. However, these two things are not the only mistake when using a condom encountered by a partner. Quoted from Live Science, an article published in the journal Sexual Health reviewed 50 studies from 14 countries, aged over 16 years about the misuse of condom use from around the world.

Here are some of the most common mistakes:

1. Late condom installation

Approximately 17-51.1 percent of couples reported using a new condom after sexual intercourse has been running. Other studies have found that late use has increased, from 1.5 percent to 24.8% of cases of sexual intercourse. Waiting too long to wear condoms is risky. Many men wait for foreplay before using condoms. There is no significant problem with this tactic – unless your foreplay involves penetration of any kind. The male pre-ejaculatory fluid may contain sperm. Skin contact with skin has the potential to cause sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. In other words: do not delay.

2. Too fast to wear them

The use of too early when the penis is not even an erection is also not a wise move. Doing this can mean condoms will not be installed properly at risk of loose or tearing after the erect penis. Only use condoms when the penis is half erect or fully.

3. Too fast release

Approximately 13.6 percent to 44.7 percent of individuals studied in the study reported having released the condom prematurely – until the sexual intercourse actually ended. Other studies have found that early release of condoms is also found in 1.4 – 26.9 percent of sexual contacts. Withdrawing from protection puts you at both the risk of transmission of venereal disease and unwanted pregnancies. It is advisable to strip the condom before the penis returns completely wilted, as this can leave more room in the condom that could increase the chance of semen spilling out or condoms slipping away. Too long wearing is also not good, which can risk your ejaculatory fluid froze. It can irritate the skin because semen has many anti-inflammatory molecules.