Desktop Computer Vs Laptop Gaming CPU Performance

Compared to the GPU, CPU differences between desktop computers and gaming laptops tend to be thinner. Although for example, both devices have the same processor specifications, the physical size of the processor on the computer is relatively larger than that of the laptop. Because of this, the computer also has more space for its components to “breathe”. As a result, the computer is able to provide a stronger performance and more resistant to heat. But you can get the best gaming laptop on our website. We also provide 13 inch gaming laptops 2018.

You certainly know what happens if the fan on a computer or laptop device has a condition that is too hot. Typically, the device will make a groaning sound and the machine will be forced to work harder, which will affect the performance of the device. Even so, that does not mean not good laptop used for gaming activities. Now, many manufacturers of gadgets such as Acer are paying particular attention to the gaming laptop sector so they will continue to improve sophistication.

Monitor And Keyboard

In the gaming industry, there are many variations of laptop monitors you can find. Some use IPS, TN, or VA technology panels. However, the majority of monitors on gaming laptops are present in the 60Hz specification-except for laptops that support 3D viewing. Screen size is likely to be smaller when compared with computers, but this is precisely what allows you to carry it everywhere with ease. Fun, if you want to use a larger monitor, you only need to connect the laptop to a projector or other monitors that size larger.

Meanwhile, the mechanical keyboard that is usually used on gaming devices has been for years on desktop computers. However, usually the mechanical keyboard is sold separately, so you have to buy it yourself before playing the game using a desktop computer. Meanwhile, most gaming laptops are equipped with a special mechanical keyboard attached to the body. So, you do not have to shell out anymore to buy a mechanical keyboard in order to play your favorite games more optimally.