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Tips for beginners at the gym

You already intend to make your body more fit by exercising in the gym? But confusing to get started? Let’s refer to some of the following points to keep you confident even if you first one-gym. Guaranteed you will succeed one-gym and can shape the body to be more fit again. Meanwhile, don’t forget to bring your gym bag as well.

1. Consumption of food maximum 1 hour before exercise

Before starting the exercise, it is advisable to keep our energy reserves in our body. The energy produced by our bodies comes from the foods we eat.

Should give enough time lag from our body to receive food, process it to produce energy for the body. Give the lag time of approximately 1 hour before you start the sport.

If the consumption of food is less than 1 hour before exercise, the body will feel surprised and the sport becomes not maximal.

2. Do cardio first

If today is the first day you go to the gym, make sure you are not wrong to start the exercise. Start by doing cardio.

This is useful for preparing the body for exercise, or it can be said that cardio is the way you do to tell your body that you are exercising. Cardio can be done for 15 to 30 minutes.

You can start with a treadmill by adjusting the speed gradually.

3. Avoid using heavy equipment

In the early days, the body needs time to stay adaptable to the condition of exercise. Therefore, avoid using heavy equipment such as barbells and dumbbells.

Because if you immediately force the use of barbells, the body will work hard to always provide energy. As a result, you quickly feel weak, stiff and not maximal exercise.