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Think about these when you buy a used car in an auction

Usually, before the day of the auction, there will be an open house for 2-5 days. This is where prospective buyers are given the opportunity to see the detail the condition of the car. Starting from checking the car to check the completeness of documents auctioned by the Japanese Car Auction or other auction houses.

Although the auction party will tell the shortcomings of the cars being auctioned, make sure we also understand to assess and distinguish in detail where the vehicle is still good and not. If we do not really understand, you should bring a friend who really understands about the car.

Do not buy with emotion
In the world of auctions, it is not uncommon for cooperation among bidders to destroy auction prices for their personal and group benefits. Therefore, do not let emotion and carried away the current so buy a car with a price that is more expensive than the market price.

This happened at some auction of cars some time ago, where some cars actually sold at unnatural prices. Before actually following the course, try to go to some auctions to see and get to know some of the players.