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Here are Some Things to Prepare For Softball

Softball is a game that many people choose to simply release fatigue at the weekend. One of the decisive factors of victory in this game is the stick that will be used to hit the ball in the game. To get the best stick, you can read best slowpitch softball bats. By using a good stick, you will be able to win the game easily and have no trouble in hitting the ball that is directed to you.

To play this game, there are some things you need to know about the game to run smoothly,

1. Supplies
In a game, of course, there are some rights that you need to prepare. In a softball game, you need to prepare some of the following items,
– Ball, this game requires the ball for the game to run smoothly. The ball in this game is small and almost similar to a ball. This game uses a yellow ball with some red grip.
– The bat, the bat that is used in the official softball game is a special bat that is used by some softball players. For official matches, the terms of use and the characteristics of bat that may be used are governed by the rules of the International Softball Federation
– Helmet, in this game the helmet is also used to protect the player’s head from the brunt of a ball, a stick or even a collision. Helmets are used also an official helmet that is for the players of this game.
– Protective Clothing, this outfit is made for use by ball catchers because of the risk of being hit by very high spheres. This outfit is usually called a body protector.

2. Number of Players
For this game, each team consists of 9 people and is led by a team captain. The order of players in this game is pitcher, catcher, baseman, shortstop, short fielder, left fielder, middle fielder, and right fielder.

3. Duration
The length of the game is determined by the inning of 7 innings. The inning is every team playing as much as one time to hit and once to become a guard squad.