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How To Determine The Right Condom Size

How to determine the right size to buy condoms? When having sex, using a condom is important, in order to prevent transmission of sexual diseases or prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. But, many people are indifferent to the size of the penis and the precision of condom size. In fact, the accuracy of penis and condom size is very important for the effectiveness of condom use. Mostly, condom users just look and buy condoms directly in the store, without having to ask the seller or find the right size. Then, is there any way of knowing the right condom size?

The most common penile length when erect is about 14-15 cm. While condoms are circulating in the market, will add a little space on the head of the penis about 2-3 cm, in order to provide space on the results of fluid that comes out during orgasm. So, condom size cannot be equated with penis size, because you have to calculate the extra free space at the end of the penis. Several studies have also found, men who have a large penis size, when using condoms that do not fit in size, condoms will be vulnerable to tearing. Well, consider how to determine the size of the right condom for your penis.

How to measure penis when erection? Take a measuring device, use a ruler or rope to measure how long your penis is. There are several stages of things to watch out for:

– The base of your penis is the part where the pull of the condom is at the end. When measuring, the head to the base of the penis is what made the length of your penis.

– Second, the penis must have its own thickness. You should also consider the thickness of the penis in finding the right condom size. You can measure by circling the penis shaft, or if using a ruler, measure the height. Do not forget to note or note the size.

– Third, the condom is actually designed to safely follow the curve of the body, and most importantly the average size of the penis of the target sales population. After getting the length and width of the penis, the base width of the condom should be more 2.5 cm from your penis.