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It’s the Facelift Process You Need to Know

As an action that can help make the facial skin become young again, the facelift is indeed a lot of action done by people who feel that they have experienced aging on the face. However, to do so, usually, they will the best facelift seattle to get the best results.

Facelift process is reasonably done by those who need it. The process usually lasts for two to six hours. Depending on how the condition of patients who do it. The skin and fat tissue of the face will then be removed, separated from the muscles and connective tissue. If deemed necessary, doctors can tighten muscles and connective tissue by sewing it.
The skin is then pulled back to the desired position. Excess skin will be discarded.

When finished, the incision will be sewn back and bandaged.
The doctor will open the bandage within a few days. In the first 2-3 weeks, the doctor will ask you to re-examine yourself. Generally, at that time, you still experience bruises and swelling. Keep in mind that the recovery process after a facelift can be different for each person.