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Do not panic! Make These Steps When the Car Crashes!

A striking car can happen to anyone and anytime, even a new or well-maintained car does not guarantee the exception of this disaster. But cars with high levels of operation and minimal maintenance are certainly more susceptible to strikes.

To anticipate the panic, it would be better if you call wrecker service lawton to push your strike car. In addition, you can also do several things such as these tips on handling a striking car that can be applied without requiring an in-depth understanding of repair techniques!

Try to park the car on the roadside or the nearest parking area so as not to disrupt the smooth traffic. You can look for local reinforcements to help drive your car.

The first step that can be done when facing a striking car is to pay attention to information about the condition of the car through the Indicator Lights located on the instrument panel. Through these indicators, you can get a clue about the problems your car is facing.

If the engine temperature is high or to overheat, do not immediately open the Radiator cover, because the hot water will immediately spray out and can cause serious injury. Wait approximately 20-30 minutes until the temperature drops, and then open slowly with the help of a cloth. Check whether the radiator fluid volume is still within normal limits. If it decreases, add water and try turning the engine on.

When there are enough air bubbles in the water radiator, it’s good the car immediately on the crane (do not be forced to walk) because it is a sign of the car’s cylinder head is curved due to heat and must go down the machine. If all is in good condition, do not forget to see the radiator fan is functioning properly. If it does not work at all before repaired or replaced you have to drive the car will cause the engine to re-overheat.