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Use Some Of These Curtain Models For Your Bedroom

Curtains are an important thing in a house. With the many functions that can be obtained from the curtain, usually many people will choose the most appropriate curtain for their home. Curtains have various types that can be selected and tailored to the needs you have. You can get the curtains you need in Keeleys Blinds. With a wide selection of curtains that you can choose, then you will get a very proper curtain for you there.

Curtains are usually used in various places, one of the places that use the curtains in the room. To maintain privacy and prevent excessive sunlight from entering the room, a curtain is a very important item to use in the room. You can choose some of these curtains for your room.

1. Sheer and Curtain Combination
This combination is a common type of curtain used in homes. In contrast to the usual sliding curtain type, the combination of these two blinds provides more choices. This is because the sheer in it can filter out the sun during the day and the curtains provide privacy, whether during day or night. Sheer usually has white color so it can adjust it with almost any color on the curtain motif.

2. Combination Curtain and Roman Blind
Roman Blind is a kind of blinds that is shifted upward and down. The blend of blinds and roman blinds serves to maximize privacy for the occupants of the bedroom. The motifs, themes, and colors of the curtains also have to adjust to the bedroom you have. This is to create perfect harmony and color.

3. Curtain Shear
This curtain consists of various types, materials, and motifs. The sliding curtain is usually opened by sliding it to the side. You can choose thick or thin sheer drapes of different sizes adapted to your needs. What is noteworthy, however, is that this curtain should be hung with sufficient height to create the illusion that makes the window look taller.