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Know Some Steps To Change The Oil Correctly

Changing the oil must always be done by the owners of vehicles. A good oil condition will make the engine condition also good. For that, you need to change the oil periodically. To find out more about this, you can visit http://www.roxysprices.com/valvoline-oil-change-prices/.

If you choose to change the oil yourself and not go to the garage, then there are some things you need to know about changing the right oil, such as

1. Place the Container Below the Vehicle

It aims to accommodate the old oil that comes out of the motorcycle. What you need to make sure is, the container is located exactly where the oil exits on the vehicle.

2. Cleaning Old Oil

If the old oil has gone all out, then you can clean the old oil that remains in the vehicle engine. When cleaning it, you can use any things to open the top cover of the machine and then cleaned.

3. Inserting New Oil
You should use a tool like a funnel to be able to insert new oil into the vehicle engine.