The Importance of Home Electrical Installation Security

Electrical installation is a very important part of our home, serves to distribute the flow of electricity. Installation of electricity in our homes are usually located on the ground or planted in the wall to look neat and safe. However, have you ensured the proper security of your home electrical installation? If not yet it should be standardized feasible operation. You can ask for help from act right.

For the sake of security and comfort of your family, the home electrical installation must be safety / safe. There are various ways to keep electrical installations secure. Here I want to write down some ways to make sure the electrical installation in your home is completely safe. To prevent something that is not in want.

– First when you will install the electrical installation. Make sure the cable used should be quality because it is the basis of the first safety. The cables commonly used for installation are single cables and thick packing insulation. Do not use 2-way cable, because the possibility of short circuit will be wide open. Both packing cables that coincide fully will produce barriers around the Megaohm. For that reason, a basic installation should use a single cable type. In its application in the main installation, it usually uses a pipe to protect single cable in double 2. The purpose of using pipe is to protect the cable and avoid the cable from rodents.

– After the cable you use is ensured safe, no less important Use quality installation equipment such as a switch, socket, dish, MCB, FUSE. Quality equipment is the equipment used components usually use brass and holder using a plastic atom. The purpose of using Brass at the outlet is to avoid the heat during use. Most who use an ordinary iron will have an easy impact on the atomic part because the spark jumps when the socket and the switch are used. This is because the iron is not strong to withstand the current. Although the material is made of Brass will also occur if the two connections are not tight. And this is common, but often underestimated this is very dangerous.